Established in 2008, Canarium Books is an independent press dedicated to publishing poetry by established and emerging authors from the United States and abroad. It is edited by Joshua Edwards, Lynn Xu, Nick Twemlow, and Robyn Schiff.


Before Canarium Books, there was The Canary, a magazine founded in 2002 and edited by Joshua Edwards, Anthony Robinson, and Nick Twemlow. In 2008, with the assistance of the University of Michigan, Canarium Books was formed with its first publication, Canarium 1. This anthology included poems by Ed Roberson, Arda Collins, Takashi Hiraide, Dunya Mikhail, and a dozen other poets. Canarium's single-author book series began the following year with Ish Klein's Union! and Tod Marshall's The Tangled Line (Tod Marshall), and we've published 27 books so far.